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EAS Tags Explained

Source tagging is the most effective security strategy that retailers use to prevent theft. The process involves the direct application of electronic security tags to consumer products at the “source” (the facility that manufactures and/or packages the product) rather than by in-store labor.

Source tagging saves retailers time and money because securely protected, ready-to-sell merchandise is delivered straight to stores. Without the need to execute source tagging in-house, retailers can focus on top priorities – to minimize loss due to theft and move inventory at a faster rate. Read More…

Collaborative Robot Applications & Benefits

Though the cobot, short for collaborative robot, was invented over two decades ago, demand for the unique technology has only taken off over the past few years. Today, there are many cobot applications found in a wide range of industries. Though still considered an emerging technology, by 2021 the market growth is expected to produce 150,000 units and reach $2 billion in sales.

As cobot applications in research and production facilities increase and expand, integrators, designers, and manufacturers are finding new ways for collaborative robots to work in conjunction with humans to safely perform separate yet compatible tasks. Nevertheless, because the technology is so new, such questions as, “What is a cobot?” “How does it benefit the workplace?” “And what are some of its applications?” are often asked. Here then, is a primer on cobots, and their benefits and applications in the workplace. Read More…

What is Machine Vision Technology & What Does It Do?

Machine vision is utilized in industrial automation environments and is an essential, key technology in production lines. Its benefits are many. Machine vision technology

  • Is capable of real time inspection
  • Ensures quality control
  • Increases productivity
  • Lowers production costs
  • Reduces waste
  • Manages inventory
  • Improves safety

What is Machine Vision?

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