EAM GelDrop Applicator

EAM GelDrop Applicator Cut Sheet

EAM GelDrop Applicator Features

  • Use with ClearH2O HydroDrop for medication and pro-biotic delivery.
  • Flow Rate Adjustable-Up to 60 grams per second
  • QD fittings for ease of flushing or cleaning
  • EASY TO USE! Runs automatically – Optic detects tote and sprays fluid as tote passes under applicator.
  • High quality pressure vessel assures consistent box-to-box dosing
  • Tool-less quick disconnect spray head – remove in seconds for cleaning.
  • Adjusts for any conveyor height using available Floor Stands.
  • Self Purging Manifold
  • Low Level Detect Option
  • Multiple stand configurations Available

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