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5 Advantages of an RFID System for Inventory Management

An RFID retail security system is designed to enhance inventory management and prevent theft in retail environments. The system typically consists of RFID tags attached to merchandise and RFID readers strategically positioned at in-store entry and exit points. RFID, which stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, is, as the name suggests, a technology that uses radio wave frequencies to identify and track objects.  (more…)

What Is an Automation Integrator?

An automation integrator is a company or engineering firm that specializes in the design and implementation of custom automated machinery and manufacturing automation equipment for industrial and manufacturing systems. Sometimes referred to as a control system integrator, a material handling integrator, and even an industrial automation systems integrator, automation integrators provide expertise and support in implementing automation solutions and are valued for helping companies engineer automated manufacturing and production processes to achieve their operational goals.  (more…)

What You Need to Know About Automation in Manufacturing

Automation in manufacturing refers to the integration of automated machinery, tools, and control systems into production processes to fulfill certain tasks traditionally performed by humans. The benefits of automating can improve productivity, increase efficiency, enhance product quality, and provide a safer work environment.  (more…)