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Is Machine Vision Technology a Good Investment?

Over the last several decades, machine vision systems have rapidly evolved to the extent that their application has not only become common in many manufacturing environments around the world but is vital to the success of those companies that have adopted the technology. Machine vision systems are integral to smart manufacturing initiatives, industrial operations, and overall logistics.  (more…)

4 Helpful Tips for Your Custom Automation Project

As with any undertaking, it is best to establish goals and priorities for a successful project outcome when implementing a custom automation project. Above all, the decision to automate a process or production line tends to focus on the benefits, which are many. For manufacturers, industrial automation incorporates streamlined, automated processes, the promise of increased efficiency and uptime, improved productivity, yields, and quality of production, along with improved safety, reliability, and the advantage of scalability, all of which reduce long-term production costs and assures an ROI.  (more…)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness: How Does It Impact Your Business?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (commonly referred to as OEE) is a production performance formula manufacturers use to measure the efficiency of their production processes. More specifically, OEE measures what percentage of a given manufacturer’s operation—its tools, machinery—all its equipment used in production—is used at any time.  (more…)