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What Is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation allows manufacturers to increase productivity through computerized technologies and applications. In doing so, repetitive/mechanical tasks associated with one person in production and manufacturing processes are replaced by automation. Automated devices can be programmed to control processes, but also have the capability of making decisions during production processes. Subsequently, automation achieves output at a higher and more consistent level, increases quality, and allows for flexibility in manufacturing processes. (more…)

What is a Pick and Place Robot?

Robots have revolutionized the manufacturing process, providing an efficient and cost-effective means to keep humans from having to perform unsafe and repetitive tasks that can cause strain injuries. Pick and place applications are one of the most common places within the assembly process where automation and robots are utilized. While this means factories can easily source suitable pick and place robot models, choosing the right one for a specific applications takes some investigation.  (more…)

Packaging Automation Systems & Equipment

Packaging AutomationInvesting in a packaging automation system enables manufacturers and packaging companies to amplify their productivity by allowing a more constant output of product, especially during periods of increased consumer demand. Packaging machines increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies, though production rates can vary considerably depending on the type of product packaged and automated machinery used in the packing process.

For most packaging automation systems, companies can achieve a return on investment (ROI) in under a year. As with production lines, putting together automated systems for packing involves considerable thought, from design stage through to a completed system. While new technologies are changing what automated packaging machines can do and how they work within other parts of production, investments in them should be weighed against the benefits they bring.  (more…)