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Machine Vision Applications and Examples

The Terminator movie franchise brought the concept of machine vision to the big screen like no other film before it, showing how machines might view the world. Although the movies were from the viewpoints of autonomous military robots, the machine antagonists – and protagonists, depending on the film – also imagined aspects of machine vision that today’s artificial intelligence (AI) can now achieve.

Machine VisionOutside the movie world, custom automation has caught machine vision up to and in some cases even surpassed the artificial eyesight envisioned in films. Today, machine vision is used for a wide array of different processes in manufacturing. Automation that mimics human eyesight can distinguish whether parts are absent or present in a manufactured product, read bar codes, verify colors, detect defects, verify that a part meets specifications, sort product and more. While the reality of machine eyesight may be more mundane, its usefulness in manufacturing automation is only beginning to be realized. (more…)

Types of Mechanical Feeding Devices in Automation

Modern manufacturing environments consist of numerous industrial automated processes that are all designed to improve efficiency and increase production in order for companies to maximize their profit. Chief among such processes are the different types of mechanized feeding devices and feeding systems that are frequently used in automated production processes. For those companies in the stages of researching or designing various automation solutions for their production lines, here is a list of automated mechanical feeding devices to help operate your plant or facility more efficiently: (more…)