Automation Solutions

For decades, EAM has been providing custom manufacturing automation solutions to a diverse group of customers. Here is a small sample of what we have done to improve their manufacturing automation capabilities.



PROJECT: Fortune 500 customer is launching a new line of surgical products that require advanced assembly techniques, customer molding and manufacturing automation capabilities.

EAM SOLUTION: By developing a proprietary dual-head six-axis servo side-entry take-away robot in-house, mold open times of 1-1.2 seconds were achieved. Assembly with servo pick and place automation and servo actuated ultrasonic welding systems were designed for faster weld times and more accurate plastic joints. 28 weld joints per part are 100% inspected and measured with a high-tech machine vision system.

CUSTOMER RESULTS:  From mold, through assembly, inspection and pack-out, 16 complete 2-pc. assemblies every 6.5 seconds, all day and all night.



PROJECT: Large poultry processing company needs an automated system to produce hand-made products, without losing the hand-made appearance. Oh, and they need it in production in less than 12 weeks.

PROBLEM: Available processing equipment makes ‘eggrolls’ or ‘tacos’, unappetizing premium dinner entrees.

EAM SOLUTION: Industry’s first meat wrapping and molding technology produces entrees in record time at 240 pieces per minute. Designed to withstand rigorous wash down procedures and operate in a cold environment.

CUSTOMER RESULTS: From concept to prototype to full production in 12 weeks. Just in time for the busy season!



PROJECT: Customer needs to mold, cool, assemble and weld glass-filled nylon spheres designed to handle extreme conditions.

PROBLEM: At 20%-40% glass, it is unknown whether the spheres will even weld, much less be air tight at high pressures. The joint design, which the world’s largest ultrasonic welding equipment supplier said would not work, makes the process even more difficult.

EAM SOLUTION: From mold to bulk, EAM built a side-entry take-away robot, a sphere handling and assembly machine, a cooling station that brings the freshly molded spheres from 290 degrees F down to ambient temperature, and a high-powered ultrasonic welding process capable of producing good product 24/7.

CUSTOMER RESULTS: EAM cell produces quality product at high speed, able to handle the harshest environmental conditions.

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