RFID labelers EAM has been an industry leader in designing and integrating machines to dispense and apply EAS Labels/Tags. EAM labeler technology was developed to handle AM and RF-type labels that were hard to handle and apply accurately with standard labeling technology. RF labels incorporate similar characteristics as RFID labels. EAM developed RFID labelers for customers in specialized markets several years ago.

Although RFID technology has been around for many years, the recent use of RFID for inventory tracking and security on a large scale is relatively new. We work directly and cooperatively with EAS and RFID label manufacturers to improve our equipment and their label manufacturing processes to bring the end customer the best EAS and RFID solutions.  EAM’s extensive experience in this specialized product brings many advantages to your RFID labeling applications.

Other benefits of EAM’s RFID labelers include custom labeling and part handling solutions, high-speed application rate capability, and a small integration footprint. EAM Delta and Wipe-on RFID labeling machines provide solutions for all your RFID labeling needs. Our extensive staff, parts inventory, and 24-hour turnaround machine repair service provide many RFID labeling solutions, including service, assistance, and training options available to the customer.

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