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Problem: Customer needs to increase existing equipment efficiency and rate to meet increased volume requirements and reduce costs.

Application: An existing EAM customer who produces folding cartons had a very high volume product that required higher productions speeds and increased efficiencies resulting in lower cost and increased profit margin. They had several EAM Mini ST Delta label applicators used to apply EAS (anti-theft, loss prevention) tags. The current production speed using one applicator was in the 28K parts per hour range (466 PPM).

Solution: To increase production speeds, EAM offered a standard product offering known as a “Multi-head controller”. This unit can control as many as six different applicators or high speed labelers. This particular customer used 3 EAM Mini ST Delta’s together on one folder gluer to increase line speed to 48k parts per hour while adding “true redundancy”. Two high speed label applicators would alternate at a rate of 400PPM to achieve the total of 48k parts per hour while the third applicator was in a ready state waiting for one of the first two applicators to be switched off in order to complete a roll change. Production was doubled and down time was reduced utilizing existing line with our industrial high speed labeling machines.

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