Vial/Tube Capping and Filling

This vial/tube capping machine is built to handle small polypropylene screw on cap microcentrifuge tubes and vials. This is an automated system designed and built to feed vials and caps from vibratory bowls. The standard design can be modified to handle other similar products.

A simple process could include:

  • The vials are singulated into a rotary dial where a precise amount of fluid is dispensed.
  • The dial indexes the uncapped, fluid filled vial to the next position where the exact fluid level is verified.
  • At the next index location the full vials are automatically capped and torqued.
  • Vials with incorrect fluid levels, or incorrect cap heights are rejected.
  • The rate of the system is roughly 80 parts per minute.

EAM always offers custom solutions to automatically deliver the finished product to your final packaging, including bagger, box loading and batch counting.

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