Automation: An Evil Entity?

benefits of automation

Why all the talk about automating factories today? While it appears on the surface that we may be throwing many workers out on the streets of America as we replace some with automation, the opposite may be taking place before our very eyes. We as a country have lost many thousands of factory positions in the past few years. Companies relocated overseas, mainly for cheaper labor costs. Those lost jobs are coming back and coming back fast! Companies are bringing jobs back within our borders with a new focus on automation.

Automation is so much more than replacing factory workers of yesteryear. Automation at some point feeds us valuable information that will allow for improvements in the speed, quality and essentially the cost of a product or process. This data will enable manufacturing to compete on a global level while maintaining a manufacturing operation within our own borders, thereby insuring longevity and security to the workers of today. Jobs will surely change for the people performing the work, but these jobs will pay better wages with improved benefits as companies profit from the benefits of automation.

Enigeered Automation (EAM INC) ATX 2013 Tradeshow both with Feeder

We at EAM are experiencing this demand for automation from companies around the country. We are growing fast to keep up with this demand. It is very comforting to see job growth, as opposed to more news of yet another company leaving America and taking jobs away from our workers.

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